“ORGASM” is a deeply moving abstract masterpiece, a raw and unfiltered expression of the artist-President-elect’s blissful and euphoric emotions, expertly translated onto canvas. Vibrant, swirling colors and dynamic forms coalesce, conveying the intense, almost transcendental feelings experienced during its creation. This artwork encapsulates the fusion of passion and artistic ingenuity, inviting you to immerse yourself in its captivating energy. With a profound purpose, “ORGASM” seeks to raise vital funds for the Lashibi Basic School project, making each purchase not just an acquisition of art but a profound contribution to the betterment of a community and the fulfillment of young students’ dreams.


“ORGASM” is an extraordinary and deeply personal abstract painting that reflects the innermost feelings and emotions of the artist, who also happens to be the President-elect of the Rotary Club of Accra-Spintex. This unique piece of art is a visual exploration of the artist’s blissful, almost transcendental experience, and it is aptly named to capture the intensity and ecstasy of that moment. The canvas comes alive with vibrant, swirling colors, each brushstroke and hue conveying the raw energy and passion felt at the time of creation.

The painting stands as a testament to the power of artistic expression, as it channels emotions and sensations into an intricate tapestry of colors and forms. “ORGASM” is not only an evocative artwork but also a philanthropic endeavor. By making this exceptional piece available for sale, the artist-President-elect seeks to raise funds for the Lashibi Basic School project, a cause passionately championed by the Rotary Club of Accra-Spintex.

This artwork, while deeply personal, also carries the universal message of giving and the transformative power of art. It invites art enthusiasts, collectors, and those who believe in the importance of education and community development to become a part of a shared journey. Your contribution through the purchase of “ORGASM” will directly impact the lives of young students at the Lashibi Basic School, bringing them closer to a brighter future.

Through the sale of “ORGASM,” you not only acquire a remarkable piece of abstract art but also invest in the betterment of a community. This artwork is a powerful reminder of the potential for positive change, both in the world of art and in the lives it touches. Join us in this endeavor to make a lasting difference, as the art of giving meets the art of creation.

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90 x 120 x 2 cm




Rotarian President Nortse Amartey Amarteifio


Extra Small, Large, Medium, Small


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