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Winning Buddies, Rtn. Edem & Eli Evans

Off-Site Meeting: Time to Know Each Other

There was a ballot of all the members present at the meeting. Members were paired by ballots and when your name was picked, you become the picker’s buddy and did not have to pick. Whoever you picked becomes your buddy for the Rotary year.

Buddies were made to sit together and get made to know each other within 5 minutes after which there was a quiz of 5 questions each pair of buddies had to answer about the other by writing the answer on a sheet of paper. When they both got the same answer, they were given a point.

Buddies Rotarians Edem & Eli Evans won the quiz getting all their answers right. They had to answer more than 5 questions because there were protests. However, they sailed through against all odds and won a bottle of wine donated by RP Jennifer.

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